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Services Provided by ComputeFaster

Continuous Integration

ComputeFaster has the expertise to implement a software development process and system to stabilize your builds and releases. We integrate with GitHub and GitLab or your personal repository. With Docker or Singularity containerized environments on multiple architectures and operating systems - we can help you ensure repeatable execution on any platform.

Available platforms

Available Operating Systems

HPC System Co-Design

With years of experience developing a wide range of HPC Systems, ComputeFaster will analyze your HPC application and optimize your time to solution. We can provide a mini-cluster for your office or help design your compute center. ComputeFaster can identify computation bottlenecks and implement solutions on GPUs, FPGAs and DSPs.

Scaling Performance Analysis

Our team uses software and hardware tools to perform very detailed analysis of your application. We generate and analyze metrics from cache misses and memory fetches to DMA transfer latency and MPI communication bottlenecks. We ingest this information and deliver coherent and understandable reports which you can use to improve your software performance.

Technology Integration and Support

The ComputeFaster team has a combined extensive background in both hardware and software. Our background span the spectrums of Software Development, Custom Computer Hardware, Storage, and Networking as well as support and training for any deployed systems. We see the whole picture and can leverage our knowledge in various fields to provide the best technology integration for your specific needs, addressing multiple verticals as required. We focus on leveraging Open Source projects and software to provide productive and cost effective solutions.

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